Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maine DOT begins summer projects

   AUGUSTA – This summer and fall, construction crews throughout the state will be digging, paving and building which has an “immediate positive impact on Maine's economy,” according to a press release from the Maine Department of Transportation.
   In his State of the State Address in January, Gov. Paul LePage highlighted the Maine DOT's $104 million in additional revenue dedicated to improving the transportation infrastructure in Maine. The amount was achieved through current funding sources, expenditure projections and efficiencies throughout the department, thus producing a more robust 2012-2013 Capital Work Plan, helping to generate good-paying, private sector jobs.

  This $104 million consists of $98 million for construction and $6 million for design, broken down as follows:
   $66.5 million for highways, consisting of almost $56 million for 36 new highway construction projects, almost $7 million in supplemental funding for 13 existing highway projects awaiting bidding, and about $3.5 million for design and scoping for 20 future highway construction projects.
   $37.5 million for bridges, consisting of $25.3 million for 15 new bridge construction projects, $9.7 million in supplemental funding for 3 existing bridge projects awaiting bidding, and about $2.5 million for design for 13 future bridge construction projects.
   Though there are multiple projects, from much needed urban area road work, traffic safety intersection improvements and bridge deck replacements, it is always worth noting some of the major construction projects which, when completed, help Mainers commute safely and efficiently to work, school and vacation destinations. The $104 million is contributing to some of the following projects this season:
   $6 million for the Portland 295 bridge deck work $15.9 million for the Falmouth-Portland Martins Point Bridge $2.2 million for road construction on Route 1 in Van Buren $5.3 million for highway paving on I-95 in Newburgh-Plymouth $2.5 million for paving on Route 1 in Wells $2.5 million for paving on Route 9 and Route 202 in Unity-Dixmont.

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