Thursday, April 12, 2012

RSU 19 April 17 meeting agenda

  NEWPORT – The Regional School Unit 19 Board of Directors will meet tonight (April 17) at 7 p.m. at Nokomis Regional High School.
    The central office has released the following agenda.
I. Opening of Meeting
A. Flag Salute
B. Chair Comments/Adjustments
C. Approval of Special Minutes of March 26

II. Citizens Forum

III. Reading of Communications
A. Administrative Communications
B. Superintendent’s/Board Communications

IV. Report of Special Committees
A. Budget/Finance Committee – April 3, April 9 and April 17
B. Policy Committee – March 27
The following policies/regulations/exhibits will be presented for a first reading:
1. ACA Gender Neutral Language
2. CBI Evaluation of Superintendent
3. GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
4. IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
5. IMDB Flag Displays
6. JI Student Rights and Responsibilities
7. JKE Expulsion of Students
8. JKE-R Expulsion of Students – Regulations
9. JO Employment of Students
10. KCB Community Involvement in Decision Making
11. KHB Advertising in Schools
    Special Education
12. IHBAI Independent Educational Evaluations
13. IHBAJ Special Education Student Oversight Agreement
14. IHBAJ-E Progress Report Form
15. IHBAK Life-Sustaining Emergency Care
16. IHBGB Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School/Home
Schooling Students with Disabilities
C. Negotiations Committee – March 28
D. Education Committee – April 10
E. Building Committee – April 11

V. Old Business - None

VI. New Business
A. Staff Appointment – Albert Jewell Custodian
B. Staff Retirement – Anne Meagher Pre-K   EDS
 C. Administrative Appointments (see attached)
 D. Music Department Co-Curricular Appointments (see attached)
 E. School Lunch Approval for 2012-13 School Year
Elementary: Full Price, $2.35; Reduced, 40 cents
High School: Full Price, $2.55; Reduced, 40 cents
Adult: $3.55
Breakfast K - 4    Free
Grades 5 – 12: Full Price, $1.75; reduced, free.

VII. Reports
A. Superintendent
1. Workshop:  School Law
2. Governor’s Town Hall Meeting April 26, 2012 – Capital for a Day
B. Board Chair

VIII. Other

IX. Adjournment

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