Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bangor Savings Bank supports 'Betting the Farm' documentary

   Bangor Savings Bank has announced their support for an amazing documentary film, “Betting the Farm,” a story about a group of Maine dairy farmers who – dropped by their national milk company – are suddenly confronted with the real possibility of losing their farms.
  The film focuses on three farm families as they struggle to bring their product, Maine's Own Organic Milk (MOO Milk) to market. Faced with slow sales and mounting bills, can the farmers hang together long enough for the gamble to pay off? Or will they be left worse off than before?
   Don't miss the opportunity to see this moving film at one of its 20 screenings around the state.
  Visit http://www.bettingthefarmfilm.com/screenings/ to find an upcoming show at a location near you.


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