Monday, June 11, 2012

Canaan Farmer's Hall announces fund-raising events

  CANAAN - Canaan Farmers Hall has received 501(c) (3) approval which means that any donations are now tax deductible which hopefully will make it easier to raise money.  This includes memberships as well as plaque purchases.
  The organization needs to raise $50,000 for the purchase of the old Grange building - $25, 000 for purchase of the building itself and $25,000 for immediate repairs.  So far, they have raised $1,000 from the art show and quilt raffle and $2,000 from the brass plaque fundraiser.  The town of Canaan voted to raise $5,000 towards the purchase at the annual town meeting and Skowhegan Savings Bank has donated $2,500 towards the purchase.

  A former resident of Canaan has pledged $3,500 for a matching challenge to individuals pledging any amount towards the purchase of the former Grange Hall. Another philanthropic citizen also stepped forward to provide an additional $3,500 for matching funds.  If they are able to raise $7,000 and use the matching funds, they will be able to purchase the building soon.  The stewardship program whereby people buy a brass plaque with their name, the name of a loved one past or present, to commemorate the fact that they are stewards are $100 each
  The Canaan Farmer's Hall also has a commemorative 94 Oliver F. Winchester 38-55 lever –action rifle that has a 24” octagon barrel donated by Alex Robertson which will be raffled off at the sportsman’s event in September. Tickets are limited to 150 and are available for $10 each or 3 for $25.  A similar rifle recently was sold on eBay for just under $1,000.  Mike Holt is in charge of this event.
 A membership drive will take place on June 14 starting at 5 p.m.  The organization will try to make this as much fun as possible with some volunteers calling and others driving around picking up the pledges and handing out calendars as long as they last. 
  Deb Noonan is heading up the lecture series.  Our goal is to have a least one lecture a month during the warm months.  So far on this year’s docket we have:  Deb Staber from Bates Museum; Eliza Townsend is now the head of the Maine Women’s Lobby and will on issues facing women today, Civil War historian Jared Peatman speaking  in the fall; others speakers are being added.
  The first-ever Children’s Day will be held on Saturday, June 3. Susan Wuorinen of Lamoine will be on hand with a live interactive puppet show.  Susan is an author, illustrator and playwright who won the 2010 Aurand Memorial Playwriting award from the New England Theater Conference. Bob Noonan will lead a cartooning, caricature drawing exercise for kids.  There will be an ice cream social in the afternoon and a contra dance at night.  Deb Noonan is in charge of this new event.
  On July 28, there will be a competition quality BBQ pulled pork dinner with a contra dance to follow.  Tickets will be sold in advance with a limited number sold. Bob Perelka and his brother and sister compete in BBQ’s all over the eastern seaboard and have qualified twice to go to the international Jack Daniels Competition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
  More events will be announced later for fall and winter.

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