Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mike's Column: Campaign is over. Now let's get rid of those signs

June 13, 2012
  The primary is over. Thank God or whatever Supreme Being you believe in.
  I stopped answering the phone two weeks ago if I didn’t recognize the number on caller ID. Some of the solicitations were hilarious. I especially like aging crooner Pat Boone calling on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Scott D’Amboise. He actually did better than I thought, finishing ahead of two more qualified candidates – Deb Plowman and Bill Schneider.
  I voted for Schneider, so it’s not surprising that he lost. I’m not too good at picking primary winners. Schneider was one of the few candidates who actually had federal government experience. Some, quite frankly, aren’t quite ready for prime time.
  Cynthia Dill’s victory surprised me. A lot of Democrats tell me she comes across as a snob. Her association with Roxanne Quimby will probably be the kiss of death north of Augusta.

  Kevin Raye’s victory was no surprise in the 2nd Congressional District. No one outside of Waldo County heard of Blaine Richardson until a few months ago. Some thought he was Ray Richardson, the talk show host from Portland.
  But it’s time to take a breather from all this. I’m just hoping that the campaign committees on the winning and losing sides will start cleaning up the mess they made on the highways and traffic islands.
  Some of the visual pollution is so bad that it blocked vision at some intersections. I felt like sneaking out in the middle of the night and flattening a few signs, risking arrest and a heavy fine. But it would have been bipartisan destruction: I’d take down as many Democratic banners as Republican.
  The last time I actively campaigned for anyone was in 2006. I was drafted to be town chairman for Olympia Snowe and agreed to help Chandler Woodcock in his run for governor.
  So I spend a day or two putting up signs for Chandler before the primary, being careful not to stick them too close to intersections or homes occupied by angry Democrats.
  When he won the primary, surprising many party activists, I got up the next morning and took down every sign I put up plus a few in outlying areas. I then cleaned them up, stuck them in my storage shed for the general election.
  Since it’s raining today (post-primary Wednesday), I doubt if I’ll see party activists grabbing their Plowman, Dill, Richardson, Emerson and whoever signs from the highways and byways.
  But I hope they do it soon – like this weekend.
  I believe in freedom of speech, expression, press and all that. But I just find campaign signs annoying, even if I’ve reluctantly put a few up myself.
  But at least we have a few months before November when it starts all over again.

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