Friday, June 1, 2012

Eagle Scout refurbishing SVCC office

  PALMYRA – The Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce office in the Walmart parking lot is the focus of a Boy Scout Eagle Project. The Chamber’s patron Scout, Ellery Goode, has planned a “makeover” of the outside of our building to make it more inviting, attractive and user-friendly.
  But it will take funding and donations to complete; and so the Chamber is reaching out to its membership and friends.

  The project includes a repair or replacement of the flagpole. A new nighttime light for the flags (both American and state) has already been provided by AAA Electric and Nate and Marti Anderson of Thundering Valley Raceway, along with a first-ever outside electrical receptacle that can be put to good use. Without Ellery's proposal to ready the flagpole for use again, that might not have happened.
   The project will continue with replacement of the walking stones around the flagpole. Then work has started on a new brochure display cabinet for the office porch to display more members’ business materials as well as tourism-based information for access when they are not open. In addition, a new weather-tight and larger bulletin board is planned to replace an aging one. To top it off, the Chamber will be getting new window boxes to plant with fresh flowers each year.
   With all these plans, fundraising will be necessary to supplement the plans and materials on behalf of our Scout to help him successfully complete his project, and perhaps without stretching the Chamber budget.
  If you would consider donating to the campaign, it would be greatly appreciated. The materials estimate for the project ranges from $650 to $725.
You can send your donations to:
Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 464
Newport, ME 04953
Also, if you have materials  or time to donate please call the Chamber at 368-4698 or by email at to determine the project needs.

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